The Result of the Ban on Online Gambling

Everyone said about the negative risks of online gambling, but they did not say about the negative risks of the online gambling ban.

The factor for banning online casinos is to insist that some minors do not use the parent’s credit card to gamble online, but despite the fact that most online casinos do everything possible to make it clear to check the age of the account holder before allowing gambling to take place , but by forbidding it,

You’re only breaking the laws that the casinos adhere to for taking bets and not the less reputable casinos. They can use third faction accounts such as PayPal or Click2pay which are setting up the gap in the new law.

With one activity prohibited, online gambling sites are especially popular with many people such as online gambling, which can be coveted to let people get their way around the law, such as the 1920s Speakeasies.

A Speakeasy is a nightclub that gives out alcohol on prohibitions and is mostly hidden in the back area of ​​an innocent looking pet shop and bookstore. Every time one speakeasy is raided the next evening another opens, and this is what this online casino can do. If the government gets one working in the US and closes it or arranges to close the money channel there, so another can open up.

By controlling online gambling, governments can know who runs the casinos to insist they run them honestly and in accordance with all laws, and it can help assert that the share of crime doesn’t get rich and gain power for the second time in the event. US because of the provisions of the law that is not good.

Another factor cited for the online gambling ban is to help protect against the added problem of gamblers from having casino games in your home 24 hours a day, however no evidence has ever been found to suggest that the average person is not inclined to leave. to the casino and to gamble want to decide to do it just because currently in their home through the online casino the list of MADUQQ and poker rooms.

Reality does provide a constant rate of some people with gambling problems and it is growing at the same rate as it has been changing over the past 25 years.

Many experts today say that there are various positive things about the prohibition of online gambling, but the positive questions can be better if the industry is legalized properly and not, it is only enough to implement laws, most of which cannot be passed.

But this has turned into a scheme that the government seems to have forever invented, like the war on drugs. The last time I checked, you still have the drug problem in this country even though drugs are illegal, but in many countries like the Netherlands where the use of some soft drugs such as hash and legal grass, the number of people with drug problems per capita is lower than in the USA.

This is because the money brought in in the form of taxes from marketing is needed to fund some public schools where they properly educate some children about the negative risks of some of these drugs, therefore most smokers are travelers and not local residents.


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