Saranacash – There are several steps to drawing Video Poker

We are continuing to move towards National Video Poker Day on September 6 (9/6).

Last week, I talked about how for every transaction there are 32 steps to play, from holding all 5 cards to discarding 5 cards. While a great number of statutes have become clear, many have become less and less. Determining which of these 32 steps is the best including looking at each possible outcome for the draw.

If a player has four cards there is a 47 chance of outcome – because there are 47 cards remaining in the deck. If the player holds three cards, therefore there are 1,081 possible outcomes because there are several steps to draw two cards out of the 47 that are still there (aka 47 choose 2).

While some possibilities can quickly figure out all the possible outcomes when drawing just one card, it becomes even more difficult with two cards and almost impossible when drawing three, four or five cards visit saranacash. That’s why we use computer programs to do all the hard work. With a computer, we can actually see every chance of the draw for every possible move to play and determine every possible outcome.

Next calculate what is said to be the desired value of the hand or the average coin which we hope will come back again if we play such a hand. To calculate it, we take the payout of all possible outcomes and divide by the number of possible outcomes. Please take a look at a simple example.

If a player is assigned Two Pair – 5’s and 7’s and Jack, I think it’s pretty clear that he will hold Two Pair. But what is the desired value of this hand? We looked at the 47 draw odds and knew four would result in a Full House and another 43 would leave hands for Two Pair. So the payout is 4 x 9 (for 4 Full Houses) plus 43 x 2 (for 43 Two Pair). This is a total of 122. There are 47 possible outcomes, so the desired value is 122/47 or 2.60.



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