giving each other solutions is part of the experience at the poker table

According to etiquette expert Patricia Rossi, author of the book, Everyday Etiquette, “tipping is important because it shows those who are waiting for you and helping you to thank them.

Without a doubt, when playing poker, we have all experienced the good and the bad dealers. A good dealer will always be welcoming and friendly, answering your questions and generally improving the experience. The dealer has a choice of whether to add to your poker experience by being patient and fun or, on the other hand, never smiling and being rude or grumpy.

If they add to your experience, tip them; otherwise, do not tip. On a subtle level, some players might perceive tipping the dealer as a small offering to the god of luck.

On the other hand, some poker players will never tip the dealer. Others tip only when they excel during a poker BAMBUQQ. Some players rationalize: “The casino doesn’t tip when I lose; the dealer is just doing his job. Let the casino pay better if low pay is an excuse to tip the dealer. Tipping the dealer makes it harder for me to come home a winner. “

Playing for a few hours, those little tips can really add up. Think about it: With 30 hands dealt per hour, that’s 210 hands over a seven hour session. With nine players at the table, if one chip ($ 1) is picked by the winner for each hand played, that’s averaging over $ 20 per player for the session – even more in short-hand games. That’s important in low limit games.

Some dealers never say “thank you.” Is such a dealer worthy of a tip? Some do their best to speed up the game, at times making it difficult for players to keep up, and more likely to make wrong decisions in games where there is so much to consider. That’s great for the casino; the more hands dealt, the greater the gain through the rake.

Does the dealer deserve your tip? And, what about the dealer who seems to be on his way to electricity, and takes your hole cards while your attention is diverted for a moment – and then shoves them into the shit?

Perhaps most importantly: How skilled is the dealer? Did he make a mistake that annoyed or confused the players, often causing long delays? So let’s say you agree that you will tip your dealer. the question is then, how many?

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules. For me, if I didn’t lose, I would tip the dealer one chip when I win a small or simple pot; two (sometimes three) chips when the pot is big. But no tips for unworthy dealers. On that score, each player has to make his own decisions. For each, his own.


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