European printers Carta Mundi have started to produce high quality special playing cards

If you initiate a conversation with a playing card collector, or anyone who uses playing cards regularly for card magic or card changes, sooner than later you will find yourself talking about deck treatment.

Except for the visual aesthetics, the quality of the treatment of a deck of playing cards is one of its main characters. This depends on the paper used, as well as the process that is applied to it, and can vary from publisher to publisher. So, here are many things that are important to take into account during this visit dewapoker.

Publisher: Fortunately we live in a time where there are many industry leaders, all of which produce high quality playing cards that are durable and functional. The United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) has a really long history in the playing card industry.

And seeing their names on a deck of playing cards is almost often a sign of quality in performance. But the USPCC certainly does not have a monopoly on quality playing cards, and in recent years we have seen the emergence of several publishers that print high-quality playing cards in several factories in Taiwan.

Special attention must be made from the Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC) and the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC), who often work together and share the same factory usage. While they do offer some finishes that are a bit more extensive, in my experience their products match the level of quality found on the USPCC deck, and sometimes go beyond that.

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