Dreams Can Be So Weird But Real Stories of Gambling

One day, I had an interesting poker dream. This is really strange, although quite true to the fact. At 6:40 a.m., I got out of bed and carefully carried my old bones to the computer. I don’t want to forget this rare and utterly weird dream about Texas hold’em. That scene is Freda Mohr’s Senior Multipurpose Center. That includes three loyal customers still our fast learners in our Senior Poker Group.

Think about this if you dare – playing $ 2- $ 4 limit hold’em, the following hands are awarded:

• Judy, in the Under-the-Gun stand, looks at Ad-Ac – pocket Aces. Wow!

• Helene, who is sitting on Judy’s left, grasps Ah-Qh.

• Jeff, sitting next to Helene, has Ac-Qc in the hole.

These are all strong starting hands. Judy carries the Big Blind, hoping to thaw the garden so that her pocket aces will have a better chance of always leading her to the river. Helene decides to raise again, making him a three-bet. Jeff and Judy mentioned. Everyone else at the table clenched their fists.

The failure and the rarer. Some strange things can happen in poker: Kc-Kd-Kh.

Judy has already caught the King-full-Aces – the hand of the monsters – surely the big champion. He decided to play slow to make the pot size come up. Knowing that Helene is a player who is quite aggressive and has shown ability when he brings back preflop again, Judy believes Helene can be counted on to open bets; so he checked it.

Just as desired, Helene made the opening bet. Jeff contacted; and Judy followed. No doubt he smiled at himself, thinking his hand was a nut.

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