Bandarkiu – Social engagement is a key factor for seniors playing poker

Our local senior center, Freda Mohr Multipurpose Center, offers a great opportunity for us seniors to stay mentally and physically active. Recently, while exercising at the Eichenbaum Fitness Center, I spoke with my friend, Marv Alperin. We had met there several years before. We both enjoy playing poker. So it is only natural that our discussion immediately turns to poker.

Marv told me, one night a week, he was playing with friends at home games. They are all looking forward to it. They have been doing it for several years – even before they all retired. The rotating players served as hosts, who also provided soft drinks. They play at low stakes, and there are no rakes as there are in casinos and card rooms. There is also no Bad Beat Jackpot drop or tip to the dealer visit mandiriqq. However, you can win – or lose – $ 20- $ 40 in a typical four hour session.

In his previous life, Marv had become a successful entrepreneur in the furniture industry. He worked hard and was rewarded well for his skill and persistence. I suspect this has carried over into his home game poker session.

Marv makes an interesting observation: Sure, we all play poker to win money – the more the better. But what is perhaps just as important to us recreational players is social engagement when playing poker – engaging with other people in a number of ways. Get social. This aspect is rarely discussed or recognized as a big plus to playing poker.